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6 futureproof leadership qualities

It can be challenging to consider the future when today is so complex, but at times of unpredictability, staying one step – or many steps – ahead is more crucial than ever. These are the talents you should be developing if you want to be a great leader in the future.

An optimistic approach to change

Future leaders will need to be naturally optimistic and open to change because the world around us is likely to stay unpredictable and complicated for some time. Leaders cannot afford the luxury of feeling overburdened or intimidated; they must retain a positive view when the world around them remains uncertain.

Transparency fosters trust

Future leaders must be authentic and truthful. People want to know what's happening, even when the news is terrible. Regardless of the situation, leaders who are always transparent and sincere will generate confidence at a time when trust is essential.

A genuine recognition of diverse cultures

Future leaders will need to understand and truly embrace diversity on all levels. Productive participation occurs best in periods of confusion when leaders bring together people with diverse experiences, skills and insight.

The ability to recognise the positive amid adversity

Future leaders will need the ability to transform crises and problems into possibilities. Preparedness and quick reasoning will put high-performance teams ahead of crises, making them ready to deliver answers in a timely fashion.

Adaptability in the face of uncertainty

Future leaders will need to be flexible and adaptable, invent quickly, take risks enthusiastically, pivot swiftly, and move on from setbacks, learning from each encounter as they continue to move ahead.

A communicative approach for clarity in the face of uncertainty

Future leaders will need to see through intricacy and complexities, make sense of confusing circumstances, cut through surface issues, and clearly understand and communicate the task at hand. Their insight will help them lead others to success.

TAKEAWAY: We have no idea what the future will bring. However, we do know that influential leaders will be those who understand how the world works and face it with courage and clear intent in an honest, compelling style. This will build trust among their people, who will realise their leader has the vision, honesty and flexible intellect to make great things happen.


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