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Ops Generalists Careers (link)

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

I am not sure if I am qualified to give advice here. Honestly, I am not sure any one is, or certainly has all the answers. In my experience these discussions can get very spiritual, subjective and/or opinionated quickly, and arguably then go around in circles.

One thing that everyone (mostly) can agree on is getting to some balance (Ikigai) is good for you in your life and career. However what that balance is for you personally is something only you can make a call on.

Most likely both generalist and specialist approaches can work for your career, but having some conscious gameplan around your career one way or the other -- even if it is to go with the generalist flow for now and keep your options open -- is probably sensible.

What I advise is you do some quiet reading around the topic. The set of articles/videos below and my career book post is a good place to start. Plus of course talking to your manager, peers, mentors, friends and family. But make sure they don't project their own careers, dreams and wishes on you.

Good luck.


Specially Curated Content (link here)

Jonathan Bullock - 12+ Articles & Videos - 2hrs

⚡ COMMENT: Addresses topics including:

+ Generalists vs Specialist

+ There's no right answer for your career

+ The career arc of generalists

+ Choosing a career path

+ The expert generalist

+ Specializing early doesn't always mean success

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