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Elevate your presentation by adding some SIZZLE

The final stage to elevating your presentation is to make sure it sizzles, or specifically review the styling. Good visual design is about engagement, creating interest and conveying complex messages and ideas, simply.

First of all if you don’t have design experience then it may be most beneficial to outsource this step to a professional. Whether you do outsource or decide to do the styling yourself, here are some suggestions to focus your efforts.

Overall, your presentation should follow a consistent template, but every slide should not be the same. Your design should guide the user’s eyes to the information and your design should always be about communication and not decoration. Your slides should not be full of visual clutter that doesn’t aid in the telling of your story.

A picture tells a thousand words and if you find yourself with a particularly wordy slide then consider swapping the text out for an image or images.

Less is usually more, and negative or white space is a common tool in design. Throughout your presentation change up the layouts and density of content to keep your viewers engaged.

A common mistake in a presentation is too much emphasis. When you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing and your points can get lost.

Finally, and simply, if something is important it is worth repeating, so do it. Repetition never spoils the message.

Reviewing your presentation’s style and sizzle is the final stage in elevating it. There are so many ways to do this and your ability to successfully execute will depend largely on your design experience. The tips I have provided are just a few of many ways to successfully create more visual interest and engagement with your presentation.

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