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Elevate your presentation with a clear STRUCTURE

If you are confident in the substance of your presentation, then it is time to review the structure. Presentations are about storytelling and stories need a structure that takes users on a journey. I have put together a checklist of 9 areas to review the structure of your presentation.

Simplicity – A complex pitch deck and presentation will indicate a complex business. Keep it simple.

Hierarchy – Does your deck follow MECE principles, that is information that is grouped into mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive sets.

Focus – Does each slide deal with only 1 topic. Slides should be focused on a single section of the pitch.

Trackers – Is it easy for viewers to see clear signposts to follow through the presentation.

Contrast – Use contrast to focus the viewer’s attention on the key points you want to make.

Similarity – All the visuals in your deck need to look like they belong together, iconography should follow a similar art style and photographs should use similar composition.

Relationships – Be sure to appropriately represent any relationships that exist between the points that you are making so that it is easy for users to understand them.

Story – Your presentation is a story and should take the viewers on a journey. It is expected that the narrative twists and turns as this will create interest and engagement, but it should still always flow.

Balance – Make sure your presentation is balanced between the similarity and the contrast or variety.

Structure contributes to the storytelling of your presentation and therefore directly contributes to the engagement. Taking people on a journey that builds connection is much more likely to result in the outcomes you are seeking. Making these improvements is not about the information you present but the way you present it.


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