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How to create your Strategic Soundbite

More than likely your startup has a compelling story behind it. You know that if you get a chance to tell this story you can win over even those reluctant people. The problem is there are always a million things competing for a person’s attention and you won’t always get the chance to tell your full story. This is why you need a carefully crafted soundbite that acts as the hook or anchor to get someone engaged.

The strategic soundbite should be between 6 and 8 but no more than 12 words long and should explain your startup’s unique proposition. Think of it as a simple way to spread the word about your startup. Creating the perfect soundbite is easier said than done and after working on them for over a decade here are some tips on how to do it.

Vision, not Mission. Your strategic soundbite should convey the vision of your startup, not the mission. The soundbite needs to be about the end state and not the means to get there. You need to state what your ambition is

Be prepared to iterate. Crafting a strategic soundbite is unlikely to be easy. Your 1st thought is unlikely to be the perfect one. Be prepared to iterate as many times as needed to create the perfect soundbite.

Be original. Don’t include other companies’ names in your strategic soundbite. For example, don’t say you are the Uber of Something. In voiceover to expand your point is fine, but don’t make it ‘official’.

You’re a business, not a charity. Your vision or your strategic soundbite shouldn’t be something vague like save the world. You can still suggest you are doing social good, if you are, just be specific.

If you don’t have a soundbite for your startup then you need one. In a world where everyone is time-poor, you need to be able to grab their attention quickly and excite them about your startup. Follow the tips in this article to craft your effective soundbite.


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