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How to get your presentation delivery rhythm right

Rhythm is about timing and cadence. The way you manage your rhythm during your presentation will impact substantially on how your presentation is received. Rhythm creates feeling and conveys emotion. I recommend the following tips when presenting to leverage the right rhythm and perfect your timing.

Slow down when speaking. Unless you have already worked on this, everyone speaks too quickly when presenting or public speaking. We speak quickly because we are nervous. Take some time and practice, focusing on being slow and smooth instead of speedy. If you feel like you have too much to speak about then prioritize your points and move some to the appendix.

Embrace brevity. You don’t always need to cut out content to save on time. Instead, consider if there are more succinct ways you can say things. Your investors don’t have hours and hours to spend with you, but they don’t need to still invest. Give enough detail but avoid going in-depth.

E.L.M.O. Enough let’s move on. This is applicable especially when answering questions. Learn to know when you have given enough detail and move on.

Embrace silence. This is one of the hardest skills to master. We are hard-wired to fill the silence. Silence, however, is a presenter’s ally. Silent pauses add intrigue and a moment for everyone to reflect on what has been said. Asking an open question to the audience is a great way to create some silence and allow you time to think.

How you speak is just as important as what you say. Your pace, tone, brevity and embracing of silence will set the overall feeling of your pitch and how well you captivate your VCs. Take the time to set the right rhythm of your pitch to increase their chances of receiving funding.


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