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How to motivate, engage and inspire your team

Did you know that just 25% of US employees say they are interested and engaged at work? Could this be your team?

In my experience even the most well-meaning leaders can be unsure how to motivate their workforce. They mistakenly believe rewards are enough, leaving employees feeling alienated, disengaged and demotivated.

People give their best when they're motivated by the purpose and meaning of what they're doing, not (only) when they're rewarded for it. They feel energised about their work and company when they feel valued.

So, how can you defy the odds and keep your people engaged? Try these ideas:

Invest in their professional development

Many leaders think the more you pay people, the more satisfied they are. But when that pay is part of a bigger investment in their professional growth, it packs a greater punch.

Show people their work is important

Many executives believe that rewarding employees will make them happy, but this isn't always true. People are motivated by a sense of purpose, a connection to their team's and organisation's objectives that helps them see the significance of their work.

Make sure your words and actions are in sync

Many leaders are great with words, which is fine to a point. But, instead of only giving big, motivational speeches, be a leader who follows through with actions to keep your team engaged and inspired.

Inspire your people with a greater cause

Frustrated, tense employees are likely to have low morale. I've found that motivating my people with a purpose bigger than themselves allows them to overcome day-to-day challenges and push ahead optimistically in almost any situation.

It is critical to realise how to motivate and inspire your team before their performance deteriorates and your organisation suffers.

TAKEAWAY: If you want to truly inspire your employees, be the type of leader who understands what drives your team and knows how to inspire them to keep moving forward.


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