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Leadership strategies for creating a positive work culture

With the pandemic causing organisations to significantly alter their operations, fostering a healthy work environment has become a primary concern for companies worldwide.

Every organisation would like to have an incredible work culture that delivers excellent service for high profits, and fosters an atmosphere in which these results are long-lasting.

So what exactly is organisational culture?

In a nutshell, culture is your organisation's personality. It frequently dictates how the company will respond to specific events.

Promoting a positive culture that prioritises well-being, diversity and inclusion can boost morale, as each team member feels seen and appreciated.

However, it is not simply about encouraging individuals. Positive workplace culture is an important factor in boosting team morale. It allows people to feel engaged and empowered in their job while enabling them to be themselves and give valuable input in a team environment.

How do you go about creating a positive work culture?

Interestingly, work culture is formed 'bottom-up' by the people and teams in your organisation, but it is defined and steered 'top-down'.

It is heavily impacted by your organisation's leaders, including you, if you are in a senior leadership position.

Study your current organisational culture

To effect change and enhance your culture, you must first be transparent and honest about what your organisation is like at the moment. You're looking to bring people together towards the same goal and connect them, whether working remotely or collaboratively in the same physical space.

Lead by example

Setting a positive example via leadership is extremely important in a company and has a great impact. In my experience, people look to their leaders for guidance, motivation and advice. They do not only listen to their leaders' words but, more importantly, they watch what their leaders do and often imitate what they observe.

TAKEAWAY: Work culture is a neverending work in progress. It is critical to anticipate change and be adaptable in the face of unforeseen circumstances. Lead by example and behave how you'd like your people to act. It is likely to rub off on them!


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