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Presentation delivery body language top five tips

It is well established that up to 90% of communication is non-verbal. When crafting your fundraising pitch you have no doubt spent considerable time thinking about what you are going to say. How much time have you spent on improving your non-verbal cues?

Body language says a lot about you before you even open your mouth. Have you ever noticed how any great leader has a presence when they enter a room. The hardest part is that most non-verbal communication is controlled subconsciously.

The main types of non-verbal communication are:

Eye Contact – Eye contact is personable, engaging and necessary to build relationships. VCs are unlikely to feel comfortable giving you funding if you are staring at the floor or avoiding meeting their eyes.

Smile – A fundraising pitch is probably the most nervous you will ever be. However, you need to overcome this nervousness portrays a lack of confidence which is likely to not lead to investment. Take the time to smile, breathe slowly and look more relaxed.

Posture – Sit or stand up straight, keep your head up and shoulders back to portray confidence and keep your arms out of your pockets and uncrossed to appear transparent and open.

Hands – Avoid moving your hands quickly as it suggests nervousness and instead move them slowly with palms facing out.

Distractors – Nervous ticks or subconscious behaviors can distract your audience and disrupt the flow of the presentation and their engagement. Examples of this include, rocking, tapping, fidgeting, face touching, chewing gum and others.

Your body language forms a large part of the first impression you will make during your pitch. Take deliberate action to use body language that makes you appear more confident, credible and a natural leader.


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