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The 9 Belbin team roles

Belbin's 9 team roles are a great catalyst to thinking about the role you play in a team. They also help you think about where your team is strong and has gaps.

It's a fundamental technique for assisting individuals, teams, and organizations to work more efficiently to accomplish business goals.

The nine-team roles are:

The Plants - They tend to be very creative and adept at addressing difficulties in unexpected ways.

The Shapers - They are highly goal-oriented and enjoy being pushed and seeing results.

The Coordinators - They focus on team objectives, draw out team members, and delegate work effectively.

The Monitor Evaluators - They are calm and impartial, and they think objectively.

The Team Workers - They are practical and collaborative individuals who make excellent diplomats since they want what's suitable for the team.

The Implementers - They have strong organizational abilities, rational thinking, and a will to complete the task.

The Completer Finishers - They double-check details, clean up after themselves, and are very attentive.

The Specialists - They are driven and determined, committed to learning specific talents, and highly professional.

The Resource Invigilators - They use their inquisitive personality to generate ideas for the team.

TAKEAWAY: This concept can help people better understand their talents, leading to more successful team collaboration. Leaders can improve outstanding teams, boost the effectiveness of current ones, and guarantee that everyone feels like they are contributing at work.


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