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The preparations you need to make ahead of your next pitch

A failure to prepare is to prepare to fail. Not the original quote but I think it's still accurate. I am a firm believer that the amount you prepare for something reflects just how badly you want that thing.

No doubt as a founder you have worked extraordinarily hard to get your business to this point. Your upcoming funding pitch is a crucial moment for your startup. So, why wouldn’t you be as prepared as you possibly could?

So how should you prepare for that upcoming presentation?

The first step before anything else is to know what you are talking about. If you’re a founder then this is likely to already be true. But it is not enough to just know your presentation, you need to know all the underlying aspects of your business as well. If you don’t then you won’t stand up to any scrutiny and your potential investors will know.

Next, look for inspiration. The world is full of great speeches and great speakers. Look at as many as you can, largely ignore the content and instead focus on their delivery. Find some who present how you want to present and emulate them.

Practice, practice and practice. If you can find an audience that is hard but willing and present in front of them. Close friends and family can be good for this as they will likely be honest.

Technical difficulties during your presentation can destroy the flow. Before you pitch make sure you are familiar with the tech you are bringing. If like many now and into the future, your pitch is by video conference then get comfortable with your physical set-up, carefully consider your background and ensure the camera angles are flattering.

There is no excuse for a lack of preparation. Especially for something as important as a fundraising pitch. Take some time, follow the tips in this article and be prepared to wow your potential investors.


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