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Hi! It's JB.

Whether we know each other already or not, I am glad you are here.

I have been meaning to start this blog and, in fact, to revive my socials for a while now. 2020 has been great for some things at least!

I have spent many years helping others to start-up or scale-up, to execute on grand ideas, to challenge the norm, and to push themselves in order to perform at their best. The experiences I had and the lessons I learnt have inspired me to start sharing what I have seen, discovered and taught along the way.

What I know for sure is that even though most of the time when people think they are facing a unique situation, in reality, it really isn't that unique. What's most likely is that, someone, somewhere has already faced the same question, challenge, intellectual or emotional turmoil in business or in life.

My goal here is to share my thoughts, tips and advice across topics ranging from entrepreneurship through leadership to creating and scaling high-performing businesses and teams.

Sometimes I will write a little, sometimes I will write more. Sometimes it will be serious, sometimes it won't. When I am in the creative zone, I might even share my sketches as I am working my way through an idea that could be useful for my coachees and other entrepreneurial types.

Finally, I believe in excellence, 10x thinking and execution, and helping others grow. Feel free to take and incorporate any of my ideas into your work (maybe even into your life) if you find them helpful.


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