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Three hacks when writing your strategic soundbites

If you need to attract and impress investors then you need to be able to grab their attention quickly. A strategic soundbite is a place to start. The soundbite is a very short hook or anchor to create enough interest to engage in further dialogue.

In my own experience, it can be a difficult component to create. I have 3 hacks that I follow closely when developing a strategic soundbite.

Hack #1: The Rule of Three

The rule of 3 is a common component of a lot of design and creativity. It is deeply entrenched in the human psyche by providing pattern and completeness. The rule of three is visible everywhere and your strategic soundbite should be the same. From short slogans like Just do It to famous phrases, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The rule of three is commonly structured in a short, short, long rhythm as this is what is most expected by the brain.

Hack #2: Alliteration

The rule of three will be even more effective with some alliteration. Adding some rhyming cadence to your strategic soundbite will create connection and increase its memorability. This isn’t about it strictly rhyming but it is about creating flow, making it easier to speak and easier to listen to.

Alliteration alone is not always enough which leaves my final hacks.

Hack #3: Power Words

Words are a powerful tool. The expression that the pen is mightier than the sword, holds today. Your strategic soundbite is only a small number of words, usually between 6 and 8. Every word needs to have an impact.

Avoid vague words and opt for visceral verbs. Select verbs that don’t just convey an action but also have emotion, speed or intention. However, use shorter words over longer words and write so a 10-year-old can understand you.

These simple hacks will put you on the fast track to creating the perfect strategic soundbite. The rule of three, alliteration or rhyming and the careful selection of your words are all necessary.


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