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Top tips when running a leadership offsite event

When managed well, offsites can be a win-win for the company and its leadership. The company can gain some great planning and strategic outcomes while the teamwork vibe should make it feel like it was almost a day off work, while still being productive.

Here are my top tips to maximise the effectiveness of your leadership offsite event.

Plan collaboratively

You may be the boss, but you're not the only one with good ideas. Your team work in the business every day, and I guarantee they have plenty of contributions to make to your strategic direction. Give them an opportunity to make suggestions for the offsite agenda, but at the end of the day, you make the call.

Change the setting

The clue's in the name. Don’t be tempted to cut costs and hold the 'offsite' at work. It needs to be in a different location, free from the day-to-day distractions of the office.

Be flexible

As the day progresses and opportunities arise for unplanned strategic discussions, don’t rule them out immediately. If the ideas have merit, be flexible and spend time discussing them.

Be generous with breaks

This is simple – offsites are not standard workdays. Be generous with your breaks, as they will be productive in their own way. They relax people, build relationships and allow for impromptu conversations.

Stick to your strengths

If you're not a great facilitator, delegate to a team member who is. The offsite will be more productive, and your team will enjoy it more if you delegate your weaker areas to someone else.

Close with clarity

Spend 10 minutes at the end of each day in reflection. Review what has been discussed, go through the next day's agenda and make adjustments as required.

TAKEAWAY: These suggestions are a must-have for any offsite event. They'll lead to a more enjoyable, engaging experience for your team and better strategic planning for your team and company.


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