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Why you should engage an HR professional asap

Investing in an internal hiring manager or talent manager early on requires a lot of faith. Although the best time to recruit an HR professional depends on several factors, I'd suggest you hire an HR professional as soon as possible – and that probably means bringing one on part-time first in your start-up. Here's why:

They will save you a lot of time

If you have ever employed someone by yourself, you will know how time-consuming it is. A human resources professional can help you with a significant portion of that task.

They will help you make better hires

An experienced HR professional will help you find better prospects, improving your ability to choose the best candidates. This will be a massive benefit to your company. An internal recruiter might be a start-up CEO's hidden strength.

They will oversee the recruitment process and help you develop an employer brand

Not only will a good HR person give you a good chance of getting your preferred prospects, but they will also handle the whole recruitment process – which is crucial for your reputation. I have found that using a professional has also helped me to develop an employer brand and establish a reputation as a great place to work.

They will help you save money

You will save money on outsourced recruitment company expenses if you have in-house recruitment. External recruiters often charge 25%–33% of a candidate's yearly income for a successful placement.

Your staff will be more productive

Adding 10 additional people to your team involves not only countless interviews but also setting up 10 lots of payroll, onboarding 10 people and more. All of this takes time, which you most likely don't have. An internal HR person will help you to take proper care of your staff, resulting in a satisfied, productive workforce.

They will help you develop a network of high-quality applicants early on

Along with creating your employer brand, your HR professional will keep a portfolio of people who may not be a good fit right now but might be in the future. This can significantly assist future hiring.

TAKEAWAY: An HR professional is one of the most effective and economic hiring decisions you can make - and if you are still too small for hiring somebody full-time, bring in a professional for one or two days a week!


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