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Hiring An Awesome CoS (link)

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Now most likely you are not personally hiring a CoS. However I thought to include this though, as it may help you think through how to help your principal find and hire your successor. And putting yourself in their shoes is often critical, not just in getting the job, but also in succeding at it!

But if you are a CEO / COO / MD principle looking to hire your own CoS just contact me here and I would be happy to have a 15min chat about my secrets to success there. I might even know one of two suitable people!


Specially Curated Content (link here)

Jonathan Bullock - 8 Articles & Videos - <1hrs

⚡ COMMENT: Addresses topics including:

+ Fundamentals of hiring a CoS

+ CoS interview process

+ Elements of hiring your CoS

+ Secrets to finding the best CoS

If you have other great articles, videos or content that you think should be added to this free resource document please just drop me a line.


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