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The CoS Career Path (link)

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

The discussions here are not about "how to get a CoS role". We cover that elsewhere.

Instead this is all about reflecting on whether you want a CoS career, and where does it take you. Put more bluntly... what comes next.

The takeaway is that the CoS role if setup and managed well for the right person in the right company-Principal configuration can be a great career accelerator.

However it is not a role that is for everyone. Not all CoS roles are equal, and hence will accelerate your career to the same (or any) degree. And the debate continues as to whether it is a career in its own right, or merely a stepping stone.

Whatever your point-of-view here are a selection of thought-provoking articles for any current or aspiring CoS to reflect on.


Specially Curated Content (link here)

Jonathan Bullock - 12+ Articles & Videos - c1hrs

⚡ COMMENT: Addresses topics including:

+ What are the Chief of Staff career paths?

+ Can the CoS role get you into the C-suite?

+ Doea a CoS role fast track your career?

+ Key challenges for CoS roles?

+ What comes next from the CoS role?

+ Is the CoS role a dead end?

If you have other great articles, videos or content that you think should be added to this free resource document please just drop me a line.


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